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Knowing Me, Knowing You

Personal Work, 2020

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In a recent study conducted on students, 71% indicated increased stress and anxiety levels due to the Covid-19 outbreak and 86% gave the reason of it as decreased social interactions due to physical distancing. The game, ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’, was popularised during quarantine with an aim to foster deeper connections. 150 cards split into three consecutive levels (Perception, Connection & Reflection), every card challenges the player to be emotionally vulnerable and explore delicate themes.


My approach was to create a visualised version of the game inspired by the three different levels. By treating each question as an art form & visualising that art form, I aimed to create an interactive space for the video and questions to live in.


Each level was treated differently visually, to show a progression of a connection being formed and I created an Instagram page consisting of accompanying filters for each level. This allows the users to play around with the questions/filters and communicate through it.

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